Sodastream has announced a new partnership with actress Scarlett Johansson as their first brand ambassador. It’s their first celebrity ambassador so it’s a big deal for them.

Perfect choice.  I love her!


The new commercial starring ScarJo will launch on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a behind the scenes video from the commercial shoot.

I participated in a livestream announcement about the partnership on Friday and learned a few things about SJ’s  SS addiction.

  • Dr. P is her favorite flavor.
  • She got attention from the President of Sodastream when she transported her SS to Paris and needed a CO2 refill.
  • She loves the Sodastream because it’s environmentally friendly

“I’ve been using the SodaStream products myself and giving them as gifts for many, many years,” said Johansson. “The company’s commitment to a healthier body and a healthier planet is a perfect fit for me. I love that the product can be tailored to any lifestyle and palate. The partnership between me and SodaStream is a no brainer. I am beyond thrilled to share my enthusiasm for SodaStream with the world!!”

She’s adorable and was so fresh and unrehearsed at the press conference. It was fun to watch. I love that she’s an advocate for a healthy body image, having 2 young daughters of my own. So I’m excited to see the commercial and follow her as ambassador of this savvy, bubbly brand.

If you aren’t familiar with the Sodastream, it’s your own personal at home carbonated water maker and it’s super easy to use. You can make your own unflavored, but they have soda and fruit flavors as well.  All the bubbles without the cans and bottles to throw away.  Whooo! I love that it’s environmentally friendly, but also love that you can create your own flavors. I’m anxious to try out some of the different mixes, but also create my own concoction with some fresh fruit.

I’ll be receiving a Sodastream of my own so watch for my review coming up!

Are you watching the Super Bowl for the commercials like me?  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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