Hey there, day two-ers! How’d your outside time go? Ready for round two?

Ok, so. Have you seen the commercials for toothpaste that claim, “If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing?”

I believe it. Coffee junkies and Wine lovers alike know what’s up. Teeth don’t stay white very long. Now, why on EARTH would you stop drinking those things just so you don’t have “yellow” teeth? Also, why would you dish out $100 for treatments?

My mom and I have a recipe for when it comes to whitening our teeth, and it doesn’t cost us very much at all.

We use Rembrandt Intense Stain toothpaste to begin with, but any whitening tooth paste will work really (I’ve just become a big fan of it over the years).

After you brush, take a small swig of hydrogen peroxide (mix 50/50 with water according to the google. or bing.) and swish it around for about a minute, spit it out, and then don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes.

Do this twice a day for best results. I’ve made this my daily ritual and it’s kinda changed my life. I save money on mouthwash due to hydrogen peroxide’s antibacterial effect (it’s also good for healing if you have any cold sores!) and it’s whitening power. See ya $10 a bottle rinses!

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