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Just a few easy steps to create an image with a transparent background (meaning the image stands alone and there is nothing behind it)

There is functionality in Picmonkey that you may not have noticed.  We started by opening a collage – any shape and size, but we kept the default.

Under the color palette there is a box to check – transparent background.  Check that.  Easy peasy. White background disappears.

Then click the Edit button at the top to open the photo editor.

 Add your image.  We chose one of the labels.  The transparent background is underneath and can be saved on it’s own as a PNG for future use.  You just can’t see it in the editor! If you make the label too large, you’ll notice it seems to go behind the grain.  That just means you’ve scaled it larger than the transparent background.

 Change the colors and crop to size.

 Save it as a .png.  It has to be a .png to remain transparent.

 Now open any photo and on the overlays palette, choose  Your Own. This prompts you to upload, so find your label image and… well, upload it.

You’ll see it has a transparent background and can be positioned anywhere on the image  Cool huh?


You can do this with the images or even text.  Use text and fade it to create a watermark for your photos.  Aren’t you fancy now?

Sharing is caring!

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