Remember we’re participating in the Breyers Delicious Moments Ambassador program.  K?  Cool.  Now we can proceed.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 4.51.54 PM

B is all about simple toys right now. He loves his $2 ball and he loves his plain green bucket and orange shovel.  However, Granny stepped on the shovel and cracked it, so she had to buy him a new one.  I decided to get him a super fancy Spider Man red one and
guess what?

Not a fan.  It’s not the same I guess.

So here I am with a Spiderman bucket and trying to figure something to do with it.

Why I thought about ice cream I have no idea except that when you work with Breyers you tend to think about ice cream A LOT.

I made a treat for a picnic outside.  In the heat.  So instead of carrying a bucket of slop, I iced the bucket up before adding the ice cream to keep it cool!.  Did it melt pretty quickly?  No idea.  We ate it before we could find out.

Here’s my idea!  Enjoy!

Wash the Bucket – Fill with Ice – Cover with Bowl – Load up the Breyers – Serve with the Shovel!


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