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B got to go to his very first birthday party on Saturday.  Now he would tell you he had a ball in the pool and playing with new friends, but the truth is he was obsessed with all of the birthday boy’s toys.  Many of them were the same toys he has at home but it’s amazing how much more fun they are at someone else’s house.

Now one toy in particular was his favorite.  And I could kick myself for not thinking of this sooner because it was the one toy he didn’t have.

The red ball.

A simple “probably from Walmart and no more than a few dollars” red ball.

He loved it.  I didn’t think he’d leave it.  And he’s scooting almost as fast as that ball.

Now it’s off to Walmart for us to find one JUST. LIKE. IT.

I’m Granny after all.  It’s my job to spoil him and his mom’s job to… well deal with it!

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  1. Lauralee Hensley
    July 23, 2013 at 11:43 pm (5 years ago)

    He’s just so stinkin cute. He looks like he’s having a blast with the red ball, so you’re right, you’ll need to get to Walmart PDQ to help spoil him just a hair more. Don’t think his mommy will be upset about it because the more energy he burns off during daylight hours the longer he may sleep at night. Well maybe a few minutes longer at least. Energy bundles don’t really tend to sleep a lot longer even if they’ve been on the move all day long. Somehow whatever amount of time they sleep at night tends to fully recharge them. Wish I was that way, but alas I have never been like that. I do have an aunt that is like that. An aunt that could make you exhausted just watching her.


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