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We are Breyers® Delicious Moments Ambassadors.

I love Pina Coladas, but lately we’ve been getting caught in way too much rain.  This could turn way too cheezy and before that happens let’s get on with the dessert.

This was a no brainer one night when we wanted something a little sweet, but a little something more than ice cream.  Definitely a Delicious Moment, this shake was sweet and tropical and so easy to make.

And we can hum some Buffett while we blend.

We took one very large scoop of Breyers® Vanilla Ice Cream, added a can of Pina Colada frozen concentrate, ice and a can and a half of water. The result was a Pina Colada shake that was crying for a little rum, but was great on it’s own.


And for some reason I really want a cheeseburger right now.  Hmmm….


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We are Breyers® Delicious Moments Ambassadors and were compensated for this campaign.

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