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Do you like coffee?

Dumb question.

Do you like it enough to give a cup?

Ok, dumb question?? No. Don’t be greedy. This is a fun social experiment. And you still get to keep your coffee.  A single cup at a time!

What do you give a cup about?  When I asked myself that question, well, the answer was easy.  I mean was there every any doubt?  I’d give a cup any day just to see him smile at me the way he does.  He’s the happiest baby in the world and I’ll do anything to keep him that way.


Now back to coffee.  That is why we are here.  Unless you want to talk about my grandson more.  Because I… I mean we…. totally can.

What would you give a cup for?  A  favorite movie?  A friend?  Long walks on the beach?


Image and value provided by our partner, Peet’s

Get some inspiration here Do You Give A Cup and join this fun social experiment.  DC friends, you may see Peets at a hot dog eating contest this week. Really.

Peet’s is now available in single serve cups and they are taking to the streets to share the news.  Where will you see them next? It’s up to you and America to decide where we go so vote, share, and participate in our social sampling experiment!  Click the link to find out..  I saw a coupon there too #justsayin.

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