With school picking up for the summer, it’s been great to have B’s grandma in town. Since she works from home, she is available to take B for the day so I can hit the books.

Now, packing to leave your baby for a day is difficult in my opinion, until you get it down to a science. The problem I had was figuring how much, and of what to take. She provides diapers, wipes, and a few of the bigger toys so I don’t have to worry about that. I pack all of the above into the Jonathan Adler diaper bag from Skip Hop and it all fits perfectly.

Here’s what we can’t leave without:

  • Hat and sunscreen: B is bald. still. And, hello! It’s summer. But babies should still protect their little heads and skin even if it is the fall or winter. (Hat: Babies R Us, sunscreen: Neutrogena for Baby)
  • Fabric touch-and-feel book: He loves to just wave this around and put it in his mouth. We found this one at a yard sale when B was starting to feel things for their textures. Unfortunately he is less interested in the textures in the book, more on the fact that he can shove the corner in his mouth.
  • Fresh-and-clean outfit: Blow-outs and spit-up. Nuff said.
  • Burp Cloth and bib
  • 5-6 bottles with water pre-measured for formula: I never know exactly when I’ll get him or how hungry he will be. He usually goes through about half of these but I’d rather be prepared!
  • Deep in the Jungle CD his grandma got him: We take it with us so he can have it there and here. I have yet to upload it to my computer or phone. Whoops.
  • His ball and the oh-so-amazing Sophie the Giraffe: We don’t leave the house PERIOD without these two. Now that he’s figured out that he can take his binky out and drop it with his hand, the days of binkies appear to be over. That’s where Sophie is great — He can play with it AND chew /suck on her butt! The ball attaches to the links, which attach to anything and he can’t drop it.

This is a great guideline to what I take with me anywhere, but specifically when he spends the day with grandma. And now that ¬†week, I’ll we are at Daycare, I’ve got the daycare packing list down pat and will (of course, why not?) share with you!

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