One song comes to mind, belt it out with me:

Ok, glad we got that out. B IS 6 MONTHS OLD. That definitely deserves a “woah.”

To celebrate his half-birthday, we took him out to breakfast at the Silver Diner. I think he enjoyed himself.

Life with a 6 month old? How do I put this…fantastic?

Since I last wrote to you all, B is sitting up — all on his own! He’s eating more fruits and vegetables, and he has started daycare so I can go to school and be studious and what-not.

He wakes up at the crack of dawn, we nurse and get ready to go. I can tell he loves it, his teacher, and his new “girlfriends.”

My favorite part of my day is picking him up and getting his day-sheet that tells me what they did that day. They sing songs, have lots of tummy-time, play outside and he shares toys with kids! Yes, he SHARES. Sharing is caring, after all!


Remember when he was 4-months-old and I said he was teething? Well we don’t have anything yet. I think he was playing tricks on the doctor and me.


Bebe Stats:

Age: 6 months

Weight: 15.3 pounds

Length: 26.5 inches

Sleep: all night with the exception of our sick nights :(

Feeding: Breast milk when he is with me every 2 hours, formula every 3 hours when he is at daycare. B is starting a mid-afternoon snack, which at the moment is apples. He isn’t a big fan of bananas, but I think we’ll try those again in a few days. His favorite vegetable is still squash or sweet potatoes.

Favorites: This toy that plays music ( I don’t really know what to call it, but here’s a picture) that we got at a yard sale for $4. He still loves sweet potatoes and squash the most!

Medical: Beck got a bad cold this past week since being at daycare (the daycare-bugs claimed yet another victim) which resulted in pink eye. He is back on the Zantac for reflux.

Development: Beck sits up by himself! He is starting to get higher and higher to get on his knees He is saying things like “dada” and “guh-guh” or a combination of the two. We also learned that my boy is a sharer — that’s right — he “shared a toy car with Khloe”. What. a. flirt.


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