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Huevos Rancheros with Bison – …the only part I can pronounce without getting tongue tied is the Bison.  Five years of French will do that to you.

“Crispy multigrain tortillas, chorizo and bison hash, farm fresh over easy eggs, peppers, salsa roja, scallions, cilantro, goat cheese, chunky avocado.”

We ate breakfast for Beck’s 6 month birthday at The Silver Diner in Glen Allen.   “Look Granny, I’m eating at the table!”  He wanted the pancakes.  Instead he got his baby oatmeal. He’s such a big boy.

It’s a go-to for our weekend breakfasts, and while I love their ginormous bowls of grits, this HR w/ Bison is my favorite and takes care of me for the rest of the day.  We love that there are no fewer than 5 babies within view in booster seats when we go.  Definitely a family friendly restaurant.  And ask for your drink to go.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 8.48.05 PM


And don’t discount the pancakes.  They are delish. I finished Maggie’s for her.  Don’t judge.

Like any good bacon eater she’s not afraid to dip her bacon in the syrup.  Again, don’t judge – you know you do it too.

 Happy Sunday!

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