Review product received and affiliate links included y’all….

Dear Mom,

I’d love to get you a Kindle Fire HD for Mother’s Day because I know it would brighten your day.  You can do so much on it – it’s like a tablet, only affordable.  It’s not just for reading books and magazines.  With apps like twitter and facebook – the ones YOU really love – it is the perfect gift for you.  And I know you are probably thinking it’s partly selfish on my part because there are some great stuffs – videos, books, apps and games – I could play with and watch like my all my Nick buddies and Sesame Street and who doesn’t love Dora?  Well you might be a wee bit right.

I’m not saying that you’d have to share the Kindle, but I’m saying you COULD…without worrying about me reading those books you read like 50 Shades of Vampires or whatever it is.  They have this cool thing called Kindle FreeTime Unlimited.  You set the password, allows me access to only the things I’m allowed to see. You can control what I see and how much time I’m allowed to spend on it. It’s pretty cool and worth checking out.

Oh and by the way, you look really good in that shirt – did you change your hair?  I know all the kids are jealous that I have the hot fun mom.  Anyway, back to the Kindle.

I’d even let you get the super cute Kate Spade cover for it.  I’m totally cool with that.

Here’s a look at the screengrabs of the app.

The content I’m allowed to see is MY kind of content.

And at $2.99 per month it’s affordable even on a tight budget.  We don’t want to cut into your Hershey and Sour Patch Kids savings, Mom!

Brilliant, right?  Just like YOU.

I hope I – I mean you – enjoy it.

Happy Mother’s Day!




Review product received and affiliate links included y’all….opinions are Beck’s – I mean MY own.

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