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You might think Little B never turned 5 months old, but he did. While he’ll be 6 months this week, I thought you might want to know how he did for the past — two months?

Life with a 5 month old is definitely easier in some respects. For instance, they sleep longer at night. Or, at least, this one does.

My mornings technically begin around 5:30 with a feeding and snuggle in my bed. After about another hour of sleeping, I feed him from the other breast just to get it empty, then, it’s time for BREAKFAST.


Little B started solids about a week or two ago. He gets rice cereal every morning, and he loves it. I tried it and, well…let’s just say he won’t have to worry about me stealing it all. I whip up a quick smoothie. Have you noticed it’s easier to eat food in liquid form when you have a baby? Because I have!

Granny heads off to work and I attempt to make an iced coffee at home, fail, then cave and go get one at the drive thru Starbucks. Without this special beverage I might not move on through the day, and some days I actually can’t keep my eyes open without it. Can you say “addiction?” I’m accepting tips and tricks for making a good iced coffee (unsweetened) at home.

We are still struggling with getting B to take naps on a good schedule, but I aim for about 2-3 hours after we wake up. Sometimes he will put up a good fight until 2 pm, however, I still put him in his crib around 10-11 to see if  he’ll fall asleep(but he usually just rolls around and plays like the goof ball he is).

I’ve been doing the Shaklee 180 diet alongside my mom, so for lunch I’ll whip up a quick smoothie (preferably with peaches and kale! Don’t knock it ’til you try it!). B loves watching me eat or drink, so I can guarantee a quiet time to enjoy whatever meal I choose. Sometimes we even meet up with friends for lunch- B loves restaurants…mostly because the servers love to talk to him :)

Even with the solids, he still eats every two hours but he can go a good 3-4 after his first meal before another feeding.

By 3:00 pm, he is ready for a nap regardless of prior naps. This is our most consistent nap of the day-thank goodness. When he wakes, he’ll usually want to nurse and play a little before his dinner. When Granny comes home around 5:30, we eat-Granny can’t miss it…duh. So far we have tried yellow squash, green beans, and sweet peas for his vegetables and his favorite is definitely the squash. Green beans got the worst first reaction, but the sweet peas make him spit up more than normal and he loves to make a mess of them. I’m okay not using them for a little.

Our new favorite thing to do before putting B to bed is sit in our blow-up duck tub and splash, even if we don’t get washed. He loves kicking and splashing and will even sit up by himself and reach for his rubber duckie- courtesy of Hotel 1000.

Then it’s time for giggles and lotion, jammies and swaddle wrap (which we now wrap with his arms out). Then, by 9:00, it is lights out for little B!

Here’s how he’s holding up:

Age: 5 months

Weight: 15 lbs.

Length: I can’t get him to sit still long enough.

Foods: Breast milk every two hours. Rice cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and a little at dinner. Veggies (squash, G-beans and peas) for dinner. Bottle of formula before bed.

Favorites: Squash and rice cereal. He LOVES blowing bubbles, rolling all over the place, and the dog and cat of course

Medical: Dairy allergy doesn’t seem to be causing issues anymore since limiting my intake. I’ll still have some cheese on a sandwich or a creamy dressing on a salad, but that’s about it. His reflux has also calmed down so we don’t give him the Zantac anymore. He’s teething, too, but no more advancements…just pain :(

Sleep: He sleeps from 8:30/9 to 4:30/5:30, then wakes again around 6:30-8

Development: He sat up by himself on May 16th! He rolls around like it’s his job, and will scoot where he wants to go.



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