When I was a litte baby and even a child, I loved doing the whole, Fly Baby thing. My sister would prop me up with her feet on my stomach and holding my hands I would fly. I love flying, in planes, jumping horses, swinging on swings, and basically anything else that has you suspended in air for a period of time. It’s no wonder that Little B likes it too, he gets it from his mommy.

So you can see why I am really excited about Disney Pixar’s new film, Planes, which hits theaters August 9th, 2013. Similar to the movie Cars, Planes is about a little single-prop plane named Dusty who wants to be a high-speed racer plane, even though he isn’t exactly built for that and he doesn’t like heights. He enlists the help of a season naval aviator to help him qualify for the big racing challenge.



I think of it as Top Gun for kids. It even has Iceman and Goose in it disguised as “Bravo” and “Echo”. PLANES




Here’s a little sneak peek, because I love you:


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