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One more round as an Ambassador for Verizon Wireless.  Yes this is phone number 3.  The first one, the HTC Droid Incredible left a lot to be desired and is currently in residence with my son who’s phone had seen better days.  The second one, the HTC Droid DNA is not my main phone.  I’ve given up the iPhone believe it or not.

Third time may or may not be a charm. I’m testing out the Blackberry Z10, and first impressions are mixed.  Yes, it’s a different operating system, but the switch from iPhone to Droid was tougher than the swipe of the Blackberry.  I don’t mind that part.

The keyboard is awesome.  Love, LOVE the touch and the smart features – swipe to add a suggested word.  Super easy.

The browser is fast.  Very fast.  Puts my iPhone and Droid to shame. Maybe it’s just new and uncluttered.

Setup was easy and getting to all my notifications is so simple.  They are all in one place on the dash.  Twitter, FB, email… this is one of the most convenient features.  I’m not sure if it’s customizable though like other dashes.

The apps?  This is where it does me in.  I don’t do much with apps, but I love my photography apps.  And I’m not just talking Instagram.  There isn’t much available for photographers, period, unless I haven’t snooped around enough.  There are some cool camera features which I haven’t tried but will share later.

I’ll be playing and giving more details throughout the next 3 months. We’ll see if I’m sold.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product

Sharing is caring!

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