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It’s 6:30 am. I’m awoken by the girls because the baby has not eaten in about 9 hours. Engorged and leaky, I crawl out of bed to pump a little bit before the little monster awakes.

7:30 am: the cries begin. There’s probably a poopy diaper and a starving baby waiting for me to do something about it. I pick him up, wish him a good morning and then it’s off to the changing table for a clean diaper, clean clothes and his reflux medicine. Chances are with all of the screaming, we’ve woken Granny up 30 minutes before she wanted to gt up, but lesbehonest she’s not complaining when I ask her to hold him while I brush my teeth (if i remember!!) Then Little B gets his nommy nommy breakfast that he so desired.

8:30 am: Mommy is hungry and needs her coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee maker isn’t working. So it’s off to the nearest Starbucks for a cup. Then I can attempt to get my schoolwork done if Little B will let me.

9:00 am: playtime with Little B on his TinyLove playmat and quality time with Mr. Beaver. This play session usually consists of about 500 pictures and videos of his coo-ing and thrashing.

9:05 am: Mommy is thankful that he can’t run yet because if he could she would be exhausted already.

9:30 am: Hungsties boy time! Mom’s gotten a lot better now at catching the hungsties before the screams! Then its more loving and play time and a couple of diaper changes.

11:00 am: Noms again! Mid nom, we have some explosive bowel moving going on requiring a diaper change and a congratulations. Then The fussiness begins and it’s time to get ready for a nap. We’ve been reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and Little B is definitely a fan of the 5 S’s. The Relax Melodies app for my iPhone is a life (and breath) saver when it comes to the white noise part. Time for mom to try to get more work done, but since it’s one of the few free times she gets, she facebooks, pins, and read blogs instead. #sorrynotsorry

12:30  He wakes up from his nap and then it is time for a much needed lunch with Aunt Coco or Granny if we are lucky! After lunch I try harder to get work done (today, the day I write this, I was successful!). Lately he’s been totally mesmerized by his TinyLove _____, so, I work while he talks to Mr. Frog and Mr. Beaver (his best friends)

2:00 pm: I strap baby into the carrier and take Penny out to go to the bathroom and maybe a trash run. Little B falls asleep in the carrier and gets a small cat nap in .

2:30 pm: B let’s me know its time to eat by sucking viciously on my sleeve making it soaking wet. Then he proceeds to fall asleep sprawled out across my lap leaving me one handed. like such:

Thats the life.

3:00-6:00 pm: he’s still asleep on my lap. I’m not moving him. Momma has some work to get done. This time period is full of boredom, tweets and blog reading, dreams of new mattresses take place and pointless pinning occur (I’m not engaged people, don’t worry.) Don’t forget the feeding time that occurs at 4:30! Get stoked!

6:00 pm: GRANNY IS HOME. OH SWEET JESUS THANK YOU! Granny snuggles B while mom tries to regain sanity from fussiness that occured in the boredom period in between pins and diaper changes and feedings.

6:30 pm: Granny decides to serve food right when baby wants to eat. So Granny eats and mom feeds. Time for another mid-meal bowel movement explosion.

7:00 pm: Mom gets to eat. Finally. Granny and Mom chat it out a bit too, you know, swapping work stories.

8:00 pm: If the poor boo is going to get a bath, we begin the bed-time routine with that. Then he gets all lubed up for his eczema, and one final meal before bedtime stories and white noise rush him to bed.

9:30 pm: B is asleep and in bed, and now it is time for an exhausted mom to catch up on things before going to bed herself.

10:30 pm: Mom is asleep, finally.

2:30 am: if B wakes up, he usually wakes up at this time, realizes he lost his pacifier, and starts grunting. I get up to replace it and then it is back to dream land for both B and I. See ya in the morning!



Sharing is caring!

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