I’m drowning here. It’s finally starting to hit me. I may be biased, but I have the fussiest baby alive.

The past few days have been nothing but crying-not just any crying that might signal hunger or a wet diaper. No, m’am. This is something only the devil could bring out.

It begins with a frown. A cute little frown that at first glance you think, “aw, he’s sad.” Then you are sorry you didn’t act sooner, because that has turned into an inconsolable scream, usually in your ear. The only thing we’ve found that cures that is standing up and walking around or swaying. Sit back down, or place him in the napper when he’s drifted off to sleep and again, and you are sorry you did such a thing. It takes a mere minute for him to realize he isn’t being held, and the screaming commences again.

I can’t stand his crying. I mean that in a motherly way. The fact that my baby is upset crushes my soul. I can’t take it to the point that I get dizzy. The boy loves to be rocked, so I could spend hours walking around and rocking him, but with my lack of sleep and appetite I find it hard to stand for more than a minute or two.

Naturally, I hit up the interwebs and did some research. I found this great article on fussy babies¬†at KellyMom, and it made me feel a lot better about myself. As it turns out, fussy babies are normal. I tried the suggested “colic hold” with Lil B in case he was feeling a bit gassy. And guess what, IT WORKED. I was full of joy, elation, jubilation, happiness, jump-up-and-down-while-crying feelings because I had finally done it! I made my baby happy, and therefore I was the happiest person on the planet.

And then he started again.

Motherhood: that moment when you think, “By gosh, I’ve done it!” and then you get crushed because your handy work was just erased and you’re back at square one.



3 Comments on I’d like to write, but I only have one hand: dealing with a fussy baby

  1. Eleanor@SavingOurWay
    January 12, 2013 at 6:45 pm (6 years ago)

    First – Baby B is adorable! Congratulations!

    Aaaannnnndddd – I totally feel ya! Oh boy – my second baby (May ’12) was a colic & reflux baby. She is 7.5 mos old right now & truly a delight. From birth to about 6 weeks she just ate, slept & pooped. Thought we had another very easy baby, like our first was. Um… nope! Around 6 weeks she woke up from her newborn sleepiness & boy did she ever wake up! It was bad. She was in such discomfort & pain with the colic & reflux. My heart just broke for her but at the same time I was exhausted. The only thing that would quiet her was to nurse, often. I’d have about 45mins past the nursing & the crying would start again. I must have walked the equivalent of a hundred miles a day with her! Could not sit down at all and she really only preferred to be on my left shoulder (where my chest & shoulder hit her stomach was the most comforting I guessed). I carried her so much & in that same position so often that I strained my left side chest muscles!

    Anyways – so just a few suggestions if he doesn’t get better. Our ped put our little one on Pepcid for the reflux. Didn’t completely solve it but did seem to greatly reduce the reflux – especially the silent reflux where it would come up but not actually be spit out – she’d swallow it back down & scream. Finally at 3 months, at our wits end, we came across baby probiotics. God bless baby probiotics! Within a week we had a completely different baby on our hands! Our Ped recommended the Baby BioGaia drops which can be found at Walgreens. They are $30 & only last about 3-3.5 weeks.

    Hope his tummy troubles pass quickly & easily but if not – hope some of my tips help :-)

    • Maggie
      January 13, 2013 at 10:17 pm (6 years ago)

      Thank you! I’m definitely calling the pediatrician first thing about those probiotics. It just so dreadful to see him upset. Now I’m afraid he’s sensitive to something I eat! I’m such a worrier. I suppose that comes with new motherhood :(

      • Eleanor@SavingOurWay
        January 13, 2013 at 10:39 pm (6 years ago)

        I know that with nursing, things we eat can affect the babies tummies. However, I could never really nail down anything that I ate or omitted that made a difference. I kept a food diary for a few weeks & really couldn’t identify anything. So don’t beat yourself up too badly b/c even if you majorly restrict your diet – it may not make a difference. I still use the probiotics with my little one, who is 7.5 months old now. Just love them! Motherhood is FULL of worries! It truly does come with motherhood! Just know that you are always doing your best with his best intentions in mind & that’s all you can do! Congratulations & welcome to motherhood! :-)


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