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I thought they were nuts.  Glass bottles?  Isn’t this the 21st Century?

Yes it is and that’s why glass is back.

Because of the concerns around BPA in certain bottles, glass is the safe choice for many parents these days.  It doesn’t come without it’s worries – and if you’ve ever had a baby throw a bottle across the floor… well you can picture shattered glass everywhere.   The bottles wear a rubber sleeve to protect against falls and throws.

Dr. Brown’s makes a line of bottles, both glass and plastic and other baby items as well.  The differentiator here is the  Patented Internal Vent System which helps reduce feeding problems like colic. And now, a university study has determined that the Dr. Brown’s bottles provide important vitamin benefits to your baby, as well.  It’s smart thinking – the air routes through the venting system and not the milk.

Let’s just say it makes baby happy.

The downside?

They are a bit of a handful to clean (lots of parts) and the glass is heavier to hold which isn’t ideal at 3 in the morning when you can barely hold your own head up.

They make BPA free- plastic in several sized too if glass isn’t your thing.  So now to you – let me know what bottles you’ve tried and like!


(Dr Brown’s product received for review)



Sharing is caring!

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