As a new mom, it’s hard to really “dress up.” You wake up, and your first priorities are to take care of your baby. They no longer consist of waking up and brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, or doing your make up. With all of that, you can start to not really feel yourself anymore, at least that was the case for me. My pregnancy took control of my body from me. I wasn’t the same and I was afraid I never would be.

Fortunately for me, I’ve managed to master getting ready in under 30 minutes total. Fortunately for you, I’m feeling generous enough to share these tips with you. First tip to feeling better about yourself, don’t let a rainy day keep you in your PJ’s. It’s the best excuse to get out your rain boots and make a cute outfit with them. Maybe even go splash around with your kid!(not recommended with babies. They tend to get cold when wet or so I’ve learned…)

I try to find cute t-shirt like tops that are comfortable and easy to manuever for when I need to nurse. I found this black and white striped peplum top at Target and just had to have it! Peplum tops are very in right now and are very flattering on the right body. I personally like that it covers up my not-quite-back-to-pre-baby stomach. ;)

(Shirt: target, Rain jacket: Northface, necklace J.Crew similar)

(jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Hunter Wellies)

 It may have been chilly out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have five minutes of fun!!!


Ok, now it’s time to go put my jammies back on and drink some tea. I have mothering to do.


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