Month: January 2013

Busy Beaver

He’s a busy boy.  Talking and cooing to his Granny He loves his Tiny Love activity mat, especially his beaver friend.  They talk all day long.  And Lil B moves.  A lot.  I imagine the day when this is all running.  *shudders* Is it just me or is he practicing the Safety Dance? The photos […] Read more…

What Grannies Do Better Than Husbands.

We aren’t your typical new baby household.  Granny, single teen mom and new baby… and a cat and a dog. It’s not ideal, but it’s reality. After reading my friend Casey’s husband’s post on things mothers do better than fathers, I got to thinking…. that’s my role here. I’m the husband. The horribly older more estrogenny husband.  I’m […] Read more…

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