This week, I’m going to join up with Jenn at and share a Magical Moment at Disney world:

Two years ago, Mom dragged me to Walt Disney World for Disney Social Media Moms. Ok- so,  no dragging necessary. I may or may not have begged her to let me go.

The last time our family went to Walt Disney World I was only two years old (maybe less) and we never really went back. I didn’t remember much except the few pictures my grandmother had left in our possession. When I got to return, it was like I was experiencing everything for the first time: magical.

The first park I got to re-see for the first time: Epcot; and there Stitch was, waiting to be the first character with whom I would document my first Renaissance Disney Trip.

1 Comment on Magical Moments: Reunited with the Magic

  1. SuperJenn
    December 11, 2012 at 12:04 pm (6 years ago)

    Maggie when we went to DSMM this past spring, I counted it as my first visit. I visited once with my family as a kid and have NO recollection of that (don’t tell my mom!!!)…so I counted myself a first-timer, too :) My husband had never been…and none of our kids had ever been (obviously) …so it was wildly magical!

    I love all of the character pictures we took … I hope you have many more to share…and before long your newest family member will have some as well I’m sure!! :)


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