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I’m still stuck in my Pregnancy mindset of “SUGAR!”. It’s a habit I need to kick. Exhibit A: I was obsessed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I was preggo. After I had the baby I tried to switch to an old favorite health food cereal: Kashi GoLean (the one with the fiber twigs. Trust me, with Almond milk it can be good). I was appalled by the taste. I just wanted more CTC. I wanted the sugar. Get me a cinnamon roll if you have to.

My weakness when it comes to sweets is usually, if someone says “I want (insert form of desert here)” I immediate want it. I run through the senses: the taste, the texture, the smell (if there is one) and this weekend, mom wanted something for dinner, something that would quite possibly derail me. She wanted Pie. She was willing to go buy stuff to make a pie or even buy a store bought pie. When I was asked what I wanted for dinner, I couldn’t get my mind off the pie. But luckily my mouth wasn’t craving sweet it was craving savory. I wanted meat and a lot of it. We went to the store to check out their prepared foods for some kind of steak, and instead found pie. Not a sweet pie, a Chicken Pot Pie. We got the best of both worlds with that one.

While I took Fussy Baby out to the car, I left mom to fight off the holiday  shoppers in line to pay.  When we returned home, what did she whip out? Pie. Not the Chicken Pot Pies we bought for dinner. Lemon pie and Chocolate pie. And they were snack sized. Now there are 4 miniature pies just sitting there, calling my name. The problem with mini pies is you can eat one, but that wasn’t enough, so you keep eating more. Clearly I have portion control issues.

This week, in conjunction with my previous workout goal from last week, is to exercise  portion control. This morning for instance, I did indeed measure out my Honey Nut Cheerios (I’m trying to wean my way off the sugar) and my orange juice. Let’s see if I can continue throughout the day, and avoid the Mini Pies.

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  1. Joanna @way2gomom
    December 20, 2012 at 11:31 am (6 years ago)

    I have such a sweet tooth. I’m a sugar addict! I can totally relate to your issue here – it is so hard to kick! I’ve been avoiding making Christmas cookies just so I don’t eat them! I hope you have an awesome week and good luck on your portion control! I have been using the Lifesizer for portion control, and it’s awesome!


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