Little Beck will be a guy on the go.  He’ll be visiting his Aunt Coco, Uncle D and his Grandma all the time and he needs a lot of traveling gear to go along with him.

Car seat? check

Portable crib? check

….and now portable play mat and mobile? check!

Tiny Love sent us their huge activity mat to review.  And when I say it is huge I mean IT IS HUGE.

 This is a 7 x 10′ carpet.  It’s a full quarter of it.

It also has lots of fun activities for babies to play with.  Crinkly ears, a baby mirror, teething leaf, bumpy minky square and bright colors that baby will love.  You could use it as a wall decoration if you wanted to – it’s that pretty.

In addition to the Tiny Love mobile we have on Beck’s crib, we also have this portable mobile that slips into our diaper bag when we go to visit family for the day.

Yes that is an O-Town bear – don’t judge.


In case you haven’t noticed, we love Tiny Love and all their fun baby gear and toys.   Now we just need the baby to go along with it all!

Countdown!  Who’s counting with us?

Product provided from Tiny Love –  they’re fabulous!

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