I’d like to cue the song ‘My bags are packed I’m ready to go”…

But we aren’t leavin’ on a jet plane.  We’re leavin’ in the Envoy for the hospital any day now.  And the bag that is packed is our new Skip Hop Lady Bento Diaper Bag.  This is a beautiful and roomy bag, and it’s perfect for a hospital bag because it’s got individual Bento containers and a zipper case for snacks.

The one thing the doctor keeps telling Maggie is BRING SNACKS FOR THE COACH.

She’s set for the baby.  I’m focused on the snacks.

And yes she’s created her “what to take and who to call” list in Photoshop so it’s super cute.  Type A nesting is in full swing.

So I’d like to thank Skip Hop for the bag – we love it.   Are you counting the days with us?


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