Holy cow. D-day is only 5 weeks away. Let’s be honest. I feel only slightly selfish for wanting this baby boy to come out now. But please little babe, take your time. Get big and strong in there so you and I can fight the world together!

Apparently a lot has happened to my fragile body this week: Baby has dropped, I’m nesting (or just wanting to get everything ready as I like to call it), and the glories of the third trimester are hitting me- boy, oh boy, are they hitting me.

How many weeks? 35
How big is that baby? A large Cantaloupe…still.
Gender: Baby boy
Weight Gain: total- maybe 25
Wearing any maternity clothes? Still little pieces of pre-pregnancy here and there.
Zzzzz: That was short lived. I had one night where I didn’t wake up to go to the bathroom at all. It was a miracle.
Best moment this week: The end of the week….and realizing that baby is a lot lower!
Movement: I’m thinking of ways to get him to stop moving- especially when I’m trying to fall asleep! He packs a powerful punch.
Food cravings: Apple juice and Milk Duds- thank goodness for Halloween!!
Any aversions? nothing new.
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!
How do you feel? Exhausted. My ribs are killing me, I get leg cramps nightly, I might throw up any second now, my hips are sore and did I mention lack of sleep?
Labor signs? Well, baby dropped!
Looking forward to: Finishing my to-do list and finishing school.

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