Find the Right Wine With Likelii

Sometimes you just want a recommendation for something.  If you know wines, shopping may be easy for you.  If you are like me and have no clue, then you need help knowing what is good and what is not.

I take the approach many take with football teams.  The prettiest outfit wins.  If you have a super cute label (add a monkey or a giraffe and BONUS POINTS) I’m more likely to buy it.  Is that smart?  Some would say yes…

90% of wine drinkers drink the same wine over and over.  Isn’t it time to spice up your life?

Enter a wine drinkers new best friend – Likelii.

Here is a service that compares wines you like already and makes suggestions to you based on your preferences.  It’s like a Songify playlist, but for wines.

Can they do one for MEN?  Maybe then I could get it right.

Likelii is currently hosting a contest that you may want to enter….

  1. Try the recommendation app by entering one or two wines on the homepage that you have liked in the past (see it on Facebook too)
  2. Get Recommendations and see how we did!
  3. Fill out a brief survey on your experience by clicking on the Feedback page (see the tab on the left)
  4. You are entered to win one of 3 $100 gift certificates in free wine from
Now how cool is that?  Go grab your bottles of monkey/giraffe wine and see what recommendations Likelii comes up with.  Who knows, it might just be a horse!

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