You may have heard that we lost our family dog a few months ago.  He was the best dog ever (I know everyone says that, but Buster truly was) and not only was he our best friend but he was our dog Penny’s too.

We miss him every day.

I have to thank Blurb books for giving me the chance to create a beautiful book in his honor.  I love it and it sits on our tv stand so I can see it every day.

Blurb books’ quality is superb and the photos look awesome.  Clear, colorful, crisp – they capture him perfectly.  My instagram photos fit too, though they don’t fill the page of an 8×8 book.  Still = awesome.  It’s a hard cover book that you can personalize on the spine.  A simple Buster Brown was all it needed.

We miss you puppy man!

Thank you Blurb for giving me the chance to keep his memory alive through the photobook. Want your own Blurb book?  Save 25% on your book order at Blurb when you enter code EARLYBLURBS at checkout.

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