No, I’m not teaching the alphabet. I’m talking about strollers!!

Before I was pregnant, I started running. I don’t run. I’m not very good at it. But I gave it a go. Then, I found out I was carrying a baby in my belly and the stress on top of the idea of this litte thing bounging up and down made me stop. Not to mention if you aren’t a runner, you’re “not suppose to continue.”

That’s not to say I don’t want to start again when I have his baby. I’d love to. I’d love to experience the endorphins one supposedly gets fro running several miles. So why can’t baby come with me on my journey?  And horse shows (where we will spend a lot of time) are all hosted in rural areas with grass, gravel and dirt.  That’s where a fancy schmancy jogging stroller comes handy.

Then I got to thinking, I don’t need to dish out $500 for a super awesome jogging stroller, why can’t I just get one that is just as good, and doesn’t break the bank?  Take the J is for Jeep stroller – by Jeep. Jeep is known for, well, Jeeps. They can go on all terrain and handle just about anything. So when they make a stroller, you can bet that their stroller can go on all terrain making it great for day trips to the park, or other outdoorsy activities for you outdoors-women.

Setup was easy, although it’s not too “single mom who doesn’t have multiple wrenches” friendly.  You do need 2 different size wrenches and I had to call a friend for help.  Other than that it sets up easily and folds down easily too.

Maybe you’re like me, and aren’t a big runner. We prefer the pavement. Well, one of the appealing features on this stroller is the swivel and locking front wheel. You can unlock the wheel for free motion which makes it great for maneuvering around town everyday, and then if you go jogging, you can lock that wheel right in place.

Another great feature is the infant car seat straps. You can set the infant seat on the rails, and buckle that sucker right in!!

Don’t forget you’re iPod or iPhone on your journey into the wilderness. You can store it safely in the iBaby and even play it through the speakers!  Shocks, underneath storage, cup holders and big, sturdy wheels…. and this is one tough stroller!

Adding it to the Holiday Gift Guide because it’s a must have for mom and baby!

I’m a Kolcraft mom and received the  stroller for review.  All opinions are my own.

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