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twitter profile cover photo

Check out my profile at @Linda_Sellers …. cool huh?

Twitter has followed suit with Facebook by giving you the ability to create a cover photo for your profile.  So now we get to play around with it and try to create a fun experience.  This tutorial will show you (with Photoshop) how easy it is to create a seamless cover photo / avatar profile image.

First step:

template cover photo

This is my original cover photo.

Activate your cover photo in the settings, whether you have a cover photo or no.  Take a screengrab to make your template.  (this is my original cover photo)  There are also templates available online if that is easier.  Open the cover screengrab in Photoshop.

Finding your cover photo:

They recommend 1600 x 1200 pixels for the photo.  Mine was smaller than that and worked.  You’ll need a photo that has the intended avatar in the center / top of the photo (could be your face or whatever you want to highlight in your avatar).

Creating the twitter cover photo:

opacity adjustment

Open that photo in Photoshop as well and add it as a layer to your screengrab.  Adjust the opacity of template so you can figure out where the photo should be positioned.  Move the photo around so that the desired avatar (in my case my face) is in the square space for the avatar.  Crop to the template size.  I created a duplicate image at this point to make my avatar.  Once you have it positioned, delete the template and save the cover photo image.

Create the twitter avatar:

Now on to the duplicate image where we create the avatar.  Adjust the opacity on the template so that you can see the outline of the avatar.


I cropped the inside of the box to come up with my avatar and deleted the template.

Upload both the avatar and cover photo to your twitter profile and POOF! BAM.  You are done!

If you create your twitter cover photo and avatar, leave a link!  I’d love to see it!

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  1. To change to a cover photo style, do you just upload the image as the header in twitter settings? I don’t see anything specifically listed as cover photo in my options yet.

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