It’s always a good day when gum shows up in the mail. That’s just what happened the other day. Gum. By mail.

It’s the new iD gum from Stride and it’s pretty good, though I’m not really a gum snob. It’s fresh and light just like gum should be. I’m a spearmint fan so that was my favorite. It wasn’t the strong minty taste some gums have. This was sweeter. I liked it.

id gum, kinda


So when they say it’s more than gum it kinda is.

For a gum they are pretty busy – and if you are a Ciara fan this might be something you’ll love. You can enter the contest for a chance to do a live video chat with Ciara on Nov 12! ¬†Pretty cool huh?

Click for a chance to interview Ciara! #idgum

Yes you’ll need tons of gum before the interview, so I’d see if you can arrange that. ¬†(not pointing fingers or anything)

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2 Comments on Fresh Breath by Mail #iDGUM

  1. Anne
    October 28, 2012 at 10:29 pm (6 years ago)

    Sounds good to me, my kids always take my gum!


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