33 weeks Pregnancy Update!

7 more weeks!! I’m getting so anxious it’s not even funny! The past two weeks have been…nuts, to say the least. School, school, school, doctors, doctors, doctors, acid reflux, acid reflux acid reflux. When does it end? Oh right, 7 more weeks.

I started my labor classes this past week, and let me just say…those videos were a little too close for comfort. I saw things…things I never wanted to thought I would see. I.e.: there is a wire they poke into your baby’s head should they be suspicious of the heart monitor. Yeah. I could have lived without knowing that, or seeing the wire that would be pricking my poor little man. More the reason to hope that everything goes swimmingly during my labor! Not to mention the natural birthing of the baby. Of course, things I learned are quickly making me paranoid that something will go wrong, even though it probably won’t.

How many weeks? 33!
How big is that baby? still a little pineapple!
Gender: Baby boy
Weight Gain: Only 20 so far!
Wearing any maternity clothes? Wearing them, and wearing them proud. Got my first maternity coat for the cooler mornings, and a nice little maternity sweatshirt at Target!
Zzzzz: Sleeping nicely through potty breaks, but having a hard time sleeping in when I get the chance.
Best moment this week: Painting the nursery’s accent wall!! It’s all coming together!
Movement: He seems to be having a rough time getting comfortable in there…I think he’s runnning out of room (There’s plenty out here! come out and play!)
Food cravings: Mashed potatoes. Mostly because they don’t cause extreme acid reflux.
Any aversions? Anything with peppers.
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!
How do you feel? Not throwing up due to nausea, but now I throw up because of the acid reflux! Also starting to get headaches and my hips and back are beginning to hurt. Yay.
Labor signs? a Braxton Hicks contraction here and there, but nothing more!
Looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend!!

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  1. Lovely blog post I really enjoyed.You did a wonderful job not putting on too much baby weight too quickly. You look stunning. I on the other hand was very hungry starting week number 5. Good luck.

  2. Maggie: Have you talked to your OB about the acid reflux? There are various things you can take for it, and even prescriptions you can take during pregnancy, if needed.

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