I’m learning a lot about baby stuffs.  The amount of gear you need is crazy.  We’re keeping it simple since we live in a small space, but one thing I was told I MUST have is an activity mat.  And since we know it’s a boy, the Tiny Love My Nature Pals is perfect for the little guy.

So much to keep him busy!

It’s a super soft mat with hanging toys and mirror that all detach if you want to move them around.

It was easy to put it together.  Just slip the bars into the slots and snap.

The added touch – the Baby-activated take-along Lights & Music Caterpillar.  It can snap onto the mat or you can take it with you in the car, in the stroller, or attach it to anything – with it’s easy to attach velcro.  ADORBS.

Perfect for ages 1-6 months.  From the site –

1-3 months  

Move nature pals within baby’s reach and allow him to explore their smiling expressions and take his first batting attempts.

3-6 months 
Let baby enjoy the stimulating features of the baby-activated Lights & Music Caterpillar, which plays 30 min of continuous music and 10 different tunes.
 Do you know how excited I am?  Baby will love this and I’ll have fun watching baby love this.
We received this to review and a matching mobile for the crib which I’ll show once we get the crib set up – in a few weeks!  If you aren’t familiar with Tiny Love yet, you should be!  Find them on FB and twitter.  And tell them Linneyville said hi!

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