Fall Fashion – My Life in Lands’ End Chinos

Fall has to be one of my favorite times of year.  I’m not one to bundle up in a bunch of layers, but I love my sweaters.  Fall is perfect because I don’t need a coat, but I can still wear my favorite pieces.

Lands’ End has long been a staple in that “favorite pieces part” and I’ve been a customer FOR EVER.  I love quality because I get attached to clothing and want to wear certain favorites year after year.   You can’t do that with the cheap stuff.

Colored pants are all the fashion rage this year and as a plus size woman I don’t often get to participate in the trendy trends of the fashion world.  The LE Chinos changed that with their bright fun color line.  Now I’m stylin’ in Mazarine Blue (that I received from LE to review) and hope to buy a few other colors this season.  I received the Women’s Fit 2 Ankle Chinos pants and since my legs might be a tad on the short side for the ankle length, I may need to shorten them.  No biggie.  It’s the one sewing skill I have. (and you probably know that LE hems your regular pants to your specifications when you buy them #WINNING)

Wasteband fits comfortably with just the right amount of stretch but not so much that I feel like I’m in leggings.  They have a tailored feel so you can dress them up or down.  I wish these had pockets (and the tummy control panel that some of the other styles have) but I’d just leave my keys in the pocket and not be able to find them.  For days.  That’s how I roll…

Speaking of rolling…. here’s a look at HOW I CHINO!!

Wait, there’s more!

Here’s an INFOGRAPHIC look at life this fall in my Lands’ End Chinos.  Your life could be like this too!  Well you can only hope!

I received a pair of Lands’ End Chinos to review and am entered into a blogger contest. All opinions and randomly appearing donuts are my own.

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  1. Your infographic is so fun! And I love the blue. That’s a color I would love.

  2. So funny. The infographic is great and the pants look awesome on you. Plus size is tough. So many ugly styles. KUDOS to Lands End for designing something fun for us!

  3. Those are seriously cute!

  4. You look great. I love your shoes too!

  5. Love the infographic, and the chinos! But I noticed the shoes first, too.

  6. You look so cute! Honestly, I would never go to the store and buy pants that color, but you totally changed my mind. And your infographic is hilarious. :)

  7. Great infographic and love your sense of humor. You look great in the pants also.

  8. Oh you are to cute! I love Chinos, they were my favorite slack to wear when I worked in Customer service at my desk all day, paired with a button down shirt I loved the look!

  9. The infographic is outstanding.

    I love the color!

  10. Boy, you are rocking those chinos!!

  11. I love that these shoes are cute and comfy! Great outfit choices too!

  12. They look great on you. Love that blue! Awesome paring w/ the bright yellow!

  13. You are HILARIOUS! I love the infographic! &The pants really look awesome- and you look gorgeous in them!

  14. I love the infographic! And your chinos look great too.