26 Weeks

How many weeks? 26 weeks
How big is that baby? head to toe- about 15 inches!!
Gender: Baby boy
Wearing any maternity clothes? still not always wearing maternity. Some shirts in a size up fit just fine!
Zzzzz: I can finally sleep through the night and not have to go to the bathroom! (sometimes.)
Best moment this week: not baby related, but….started classes! I finally have something to fill my day!
Movement: Big kicks this past week!!
Food cravings: I’m on a Yogurt kick right now.
Any aversions? nothing new
Have you started to show yet: To the public eye, certain shirts show more than others, but I know the bump is there!
How do you feel? A little bit better. I do have my bad days though.
Looking forward to: Getting a crib! hopefully I’ll find one I like soon…

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