26 Weeks

How many weeks? 26 weeks
How big is that baby? head to toe- about 15 inches!!
Gender: Baby boy
Wearing any maternity clothes? still not always wearing maternity. Some shirts in a size up fit just fine!
Zzzzz: I can finally sleep through the night and not have to go to the bathroom! (sometimes.)
Best moment this week: not baby related, but….started classes! I finally have something to fill my day!
Movement: Big kicks this past week!!
Food cravings: I’m on a Yogurt kick right now.
Any aversions? nothing new
Have you started to show yet: To the public eye, certain shirts show more than others, but I know the bump is there!
How do you feel? A little bit better. I do have my bad days though.
Looking forward to: Getting a crib! hopefully I’ll find one I like soon…
About Maggie

New mom to Baby B, full time student, full time creator of awesome.


  1. YOU look adorbs Marge!!!
    “aunt” Janine

  2. You look wonderful!

  3. So cute! Wishing you a great pregnancy :)

  4. You look great!

  5. Looking awesome!!

  6. You look so great!

  7. You’re so tiny and adorable!

  8. you look great!!