Have you tried a Magnum Bar?

Who likes ice cream?  I know – just about everyone.

When a blogger is offered ice cream to review, it’s really not a question of if.  It’s not a question at all.

These Magnum bars are deliciously cold and big and chocolatey and doubley caramelly.  I seriously have no idea if those are words, but these are serious ice cream bars.

Try them.  You’ll like them.

product provided – but the 2 extra pounds I put on are all mine :)

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  1. Can you send one of those my way? It looks heavenly.

  2. I’ve never had one of these, but they sure do look delicious!

  3. Oh lord my stomach just grumbled looking at this!!!

  4. Not yet, but this shall change! ;)

  5. Well holy smokes that looks good, never tried them before.