You know how you feel when you don’t get a good night’s sleep.  You might be grumpy, tired or find it hard to concentrate.  That was a reality for me for years before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and got my CPAP machine.  That was a defining moment in my life and my happiness and health changed dramatically from that point forward.

I was less grumpy.

I didn’t feel the need to nap during the day.

I only had 2 colds in a 10 year period.  Not kidding.

It made me think about children who don’t have a decent bed – or any bed at all for that reason.  And with today’s economy it’s happening more and more.

I was introduced to an organization called Pajama Program.   Watch this video…..

Imagine that children have never owned a pair of pajamas. That they go to bed every night without the warm fuzzy goodnight of a parent reading them a bedtime story.

These are children that may not get a good meal.  May not have clean clothes to wear to school.  And may have no one to greet them with a snack when they get home. The least they can have is a pair of PJ’s and a book to read at night.  This is the foundation of the Pajama Program.  This organization, by providing new pajamas and books to children in need, is helping kids get a better night’s sleep.

This will translate to better health, better grades and happier children.

Join me in supporting this organization  – the Better Sleep Council and the Stop Sleeping Around campaign is donating $100 to the organization on behalf of me and my readers.  Please take the time to find out about them and if so inclined give them some support – by perhaps sharing this post or video on your wall, twitter, or anywhere you can.

Thanks for your support.


This was a sponsored campaign with the Better Sleep Council.

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