Desktop Wallpaper Organizer Free Download

I totally abuse my laptop’s desktop.  I’ve never really taken the time to learn how to be smart about document organization.  I’m really good at setting up folders, but putting the documents and images IN the folders is another story.

I decided to get organized.

Yes it does look this good at least for a few days.  I am an abuser of both the screengrab and the download, and it gets me into trouble.  I’ve created a few backdrops you can use to organize your desktop.  Just click on the link and save to desktop.


Click on the image once – then click on it again to reveal the full size image.  Or click the link

1. Tan Linen

2. Fruit Slices

3. Blue / Green

4. Red Grundge

After you download it, open your preferences for wallpaper and open that file.  Bam.  You are on your way to being organized.

You’re welcome.

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