Fashion is a matter of taste anyway.  One – and by one I mean me –   might argue that it’s total lack of taste.  Or plain stupidity.

I’m getting a little carried away, so let me share a few of the total fashion fails I’ve seen on Pinterest lately. In fact I’ve seen so many they now get their own board.

I think this was serious and that almost scares me more. Random location of knitted circles? I think not.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest


Let it all hang out? Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination. In this case I’d welcome the top showing a little skin SO I KNOW SHE HAS SOME.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest


Chalk this up to too much time on her hands and too much yarn. At least if you dribble your burger it won’t look out of place.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest



Have any fashion fails you’ve seen on Pinterest?  Share them and I’ll add them to my pinboard!

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