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As one of the iVoices I have the opportunity to participate in some fun challenges – not just video stuff.  When I was asked about the Beach Ready Challenge on iVillage with Coach Bob Harper of Biggest Loser fame I said “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME” – but then got over it and said “you know I better do it NOW.”

It’s simple enough – an email every day with exercise homework, motivation and tips that in my shape I need. BAD.  If I do nothing else besides get in a little better shape, then it’s a win for me.  ANYTHING right now is a win for me.

You can sign up – it’s almost a week in, but it’s definitely not too late.

And hang out in the forums where we have an area dedicated to finding support and talking to Bob.  Wait you don’t talk to Bob?  Well heck you would if you were in the forums..

Join me?  I need all the support I can get!

Sharing is caring!

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