Crazy Cat Toys

DJ-Kitty – I have to believe a cat would never play with this – or would he?

My son – the cat guy in the family – found these crazy cat toys on Amazon.  And these are crazy.  Someone had fun thinking these up…  Our cat would love the plane and tank.  He loves any box, but somehow I think the coolness would be lost on him.  He’d love the Amazon box these came in.

Here’s more…

Aviator Kitty – who said kitties can’t fly?

Battlefield Kitty – just crazy

3 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Toys”

  1. My cats would love these. They love boxes, just like your fur kids, although I think, like your kids, they’d appreciate the Amazon boxes as much as the toys :)

    Thanks for sharing. I got a laugh out of it.

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