This is my office  at Create Digital – well a few of them.  It was a beautiful Friday and we were dressed in springtime outfits.  Perfect photo opp!

You can tell we’re a shy group. *zoinks*

Some of us were wearing flowers, some pastels, some shorts…

One of us was wearing cute Sketchers from Blissdom.

One of us was wearing her daughter’s cute scarf that said daughter will never see again.

One of us was wearing a super soft and comfy Lands’ End Women’s Regular Fine Gauge Supima Crew Cardigan made with premium Supima, America’s finest cotton in adorable, springy “Chesterfield* yellow. *catches breath*

The rest of us – meaning them – were obviously jealous.

Thanks Lands’ End for keeping me stylish!

Photo courtesy of @AnaRVA

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