I haz new shoes…

PLEASE look at the shoes, not my funky toes… *smh*

Earth® footwear, famous for their “negative heel” technology,  has been newly revamped and now offers styles with “positive heel” heights.  I’ve always been more of a positive person and my new shoes are too.

It’s like we were meant to be.

I got to try a pair of their heels from the spring collection.  Nothing could be cuter and more my style.  The good news is they are comfortable too.  *feet say ‘whew’*

The new Earth® features a cushioned footbed including a padded heel area and a reinforced arch support (click that if you are a visual learner like moi).   Shoes in the Spring/Summer 2012 Earth® Collection are all under $100!  Prices range from $79-$99 – and they are all made of real leather.

The Balsam style that I have will easily go either casual or dressy – perfectly paired with :

  • Jeans and a t shirt for a casual dinner
  • Slacks and a linen jacket for summer work
  • Skirt and blouse for summer in the city
  • Or dancing.  You’ll see – go with me here.

Cuteness and heelness don’t have to come at the price of comfort.  I wore these shoes the other day for HOURS, something I can barely do with any of my shoes, and had no discomfort at all.   OK, maybe a little but I blame that on spontaneous Macarena dancing.  Yes I was alone – don’t judge.


Visit the Earth Footwear site for information on their Spa Vacation Giveaway

…where the winner will receive a trip for him/her and a guest to one of three spa locations.  I said VACATION and SPA in the same sentence.  *head spins*

Be sure to visit Earth Shoes on Facebook!

I was compensated by Global Influence  as part of a Bookieboo LLC  w/ Earth Footwear

All opinions stated are my own.

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