Month: March 2012

Brother P-Touch Finale

Months ago I labeled my kitchen cabinets with Brother’s P-Touch labelmaker laminated labels.  Well I’m still organized and feelin fine! So did it work? Did my labels stay in tact? Check them out.  These laminated labels have stay power.  Even through my cabinets might not get scrubbed every week, they do get scrubbed quite often […] Read more…

Supima is Suprima from Lands’ End

This is my office  at Create Digital – well a few of them.  It was a beautiful Friday and we were dressed in springtime outfits.  Perfect photo opp! You can tell we’re a shy group. *zoinks* Some of us were wearing flowers, some pastels, some shorts… One of us was wearing cute Sketchers from Blissdom. […] Read more…

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