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I’m slowly getting over the “I’ve got an empty nest I live by myself and sometimes it’s crappy” syndrome.

I’m making it about what I can do and not what I can’t do – because I’m alone.

Like dancing.  I can do it anywhere.  In anything.  With anything.  And not worry about what people think.

Drinking out of the milk carton?  No brainer.  When the last ounce of milk is spit, IT’S MY SPIT.  S’OK…

Leave wrappers on the floor.  Yes, I accidentally drop a wrapper on the floor and it’s ok if I dont want to bend over and pick up right then I CAN WAIT AND POSSIBLY PUT A BUCKET OF SHOES ON TOP OF IT.. for looks.

Talk outloud – no apologies, no worries – to myself – even AT myself.

“yes you can Linda” – “thanks I know I can” – “you look fabulous today” – “thanks, aside from the water weight I feel pretty good too” – “pick up that wrapper please” – “pick it up yourself dangit”

Yes, I can be sassy to myself too.

I’m pretty sure if the kids saw how much I talk to myself they might call the authorities.  I feel pretty safe that they have no idea who the authorities are, so they’ll be calling around and probably getting the same silly looks I get talking to myself.

“She’s your mother, give her a break – and go clean up her place for her.  Check under the shoe buckets – crazy ladies have been known to leave wrappers under them.”

That’s a win/win.


Sharing is caring!

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