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It’s a taco and a pie.  Or a pie and a taco.  Whatever it is it’s amazing.

I made taco shaped pie crust shells to start.  Roll your basic pie crust out slightly thinner  than a normal pie shell since the dough rises in the oven.  Cut them smaller than a typical taco shell because they are fragile like any crust and smaller is easier to handle.  I cut the shapes with a juice glass.

I baked at a slightly lower temp than a regular pie crust and  for a little over 5 minutes (keep an eye on them).

Make chocolate pudding and allow to set slightly in the fridge.  Spoon into each shell and then refrigerate until completely set.

Top with whipped cream and nuts – I used chopped hazelnuts.

These are so good and fun – but *warning* a little messy.   Be prepared to lick your fingers!

Sharing is caring!

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