Must Reads for 2012 – Favorite Foodie Blogs

I still can’t believe I’m saying 2012.  Every new year is a chance to start over or build on the success of the past.  In my case it’s a time to find new blogs to read to add to my already too long list.  I know there are some diamonds out in the rough that I just haven’t found yet.  Help me find them.  (yes it can be yours) So tell me, what is your favorite Foodie Blog?  Link the blog below…

About Linda

Linda is a mom of 3 typically typical teens, digital diy, wannabe foodie and lifestyle blogger. Join my community of photographers at Brandographers or on flickr


  1. I can’t wait to find some new (!) foodie blogs!! Oh this post is full of awesome. Thanks Linda!

  2. 2012 does sound crazy doesn’t it? Wasn’t it just last year we were all worried about Y2K? lol

    Happy New Year Linda!!

  3. Great post! I added my friend Cat’s blog. Food Family Finds is one of my favorite blogs to read for easy recipes and super delicious desserts!

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to going through the list to find new blogs and add some :-)