You probably read that title and think “oh would Grandma really like this?”

Yes I like them and I’m not your Grandma.

Baby boomers are getting cooler and hipper and enjoying all the fun things that you youngin’s do.  If you waited until the last minute to buy for that Boomer in your life, here are some great suggestions.


Yes some people are book snobs and will ONLY read paper books.  One word for the boomer in your life – ADJUSTABLE FONT SIZE.  They may not think they will love it, but trust me they will.  I’ve tried the Kindle and Nook and love them both.  I currently read on my iPad.

Cassette Tape iPhone Case

For the Boomer that was never able to let go of his /her mix tape, they can now remember the good old days when the sound of tape being eaten by your cassette player sent you into a panic.

Forever Lazy

The name is not to stereotype the older generation.  This is the best invention for boomers since the e-reader’s enhanced font size.  I’ve been told I cannot have one by the teens which means it’s the MUST HAVE GIFT OF THE SEASON.

We know incontinence is a problem as you get older.  Well blow me over the thing’s got a trap door on the butt to make “bathroom in a rush” easier.  Sheer genius.

Happy shopping people!

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