It’s Sunday night and I’m trying to write a post for Monday.

However I have nothing to say.

So I’ll just jibber jabber.

I’ve enjoyed the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family all day Sunday.  I’ve watched nothing else today.

I broke a heavy glass bowl in the kitchen and couldn’t find the broom which is odd in a 2 bedroom apartment.  I just blocked off the kitchen and won’t use it until I find the broom.

My hair color is “buy 2 get $5 Exta Bucks at CVS” this week.  Deodorant was a dollar.  Epic Winning.

I think I’ll do my hair now.  BRB.

OK, back and found the broom.  No idea what it’s doing in the bathroom and why I didn’t see it earlier.  I’ll have to think on that.

Dang the dog is trying to get in the kitchen – I had better sweep up the glass.  BRB.

DANG I punctured my finger with the glass TYPING ONE HANDED WITH THE FINGER UP IN THE AIR.

It’s purple at the tip, that’s probably not a good thing huh?

I’m going to open a bottle of wine – DULL THE PAIN AND ALL – I’ll be back…

Yes I took a photo of the glass.  Pretty huh?

I know, I probably should have used plastic with my track record today but I’m living life on the edge.

Kenny  G is coming to Richmond WHO’S IN WITH ME? (I’m kidding)

The dog is snoring DANG HE’S LOUD. I can hear him from the other room.

So far the wine glass is still in tact.  And my finger is up in the air to slow the flow of blood.  I should quit while I’m ahead.

Going to bed now.

Good Night…

Wait you are reading this on Monday – so whatever.  Good Day?  Thanks for stopping by.

And I still haven’t figured out why I had the broom in the bathroom.  And my finger stopped bleeding.  It’s still purple tho.  Probably still not good huh?



2 Comments on When you have nothing to say…

  1. jessicapv
    November 16, 2011 at 8:57 am (7 years ago)

    Proves that when you have nothing to say it’s NOT best to say nothing! Get it all out!


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