Remember the day you bought your child a pair their first pair of shoes?   That created all kinds of panic because that meant they were going to walk in them someday and grey hair started to sprout.  On you.  Your baby is still a little toehead.  And that walking moment came so quickly you almost missed their first step and first run and first step climbing and first kick in the shin.

Then you let them compete in gymnastics flipping and flying on beams and bars and let them compete in cheerleading and have people toss them in the air and catch them and then you put them on a horse and had them ride around the ring and jump 3 feet.

Then you taught them to drive a car.  And thought this is way too easy.

Ok, so then you got them a car – whether it was with their earned money, an extra family car, or a present you bought for a special occasion.

And then they totaled it.

Maybe I should stop talking in generalizations.  This is how my life went and not yours… *ahem*  I’m kinda just saying life runs in crazy circles – you get the message. *don’t you?*

For most of you the last comment will never happen.  I pray.  In fact these days I pray a lot.

So we have made the decision to buy her a new car. In fact the paperwork is being signed as we speak.  There were concessions made, though not in safety.  Fancy features like a Bluetooth integrated into the steering wheel were some selling points for Mom. *bonks head*

Am I nuts?

What for the love of bacon am I doing?

I can see hairs that were previously untouched by the walking, running, driving, flying and totaling turning grey as we speak. *bites chews fingernails*

I have to let her go.  In a car.

I might be a bit sick for the next 24 years couple of weeks while I accept and move on.

Since my prayers are on overdrive right now, can you say a little prayer for us too?

photo credit Caitlin Ivey

4 Comments on What Kind of Mother Does This?

  1. Lauralee Hensly
    October 20, 2011 at 2:58 pm (7 years ago)

    When we gave my step-son my car (which by the way was only four years old, just paid off and in terrific condition), he didn’t total it. It was stolen out of the parking lot when he was at work at a fast food joint. The police did find it a day later totaled. Whoever stole it drove it over two hours away. They racked up some parking tickets on it, and it took us a while to get those dropped. Then they drove it into the back of a closed supermarket. Our son was flipping out. He was calling us from work and saying he went out on his break to listen to the stereo system he had paid for and installed in the car and the car wasn’t there. Actually I think he was more upset about the stereo than the car.
    So, now insurance money arrives and he gets a new car and a little co-signing on this one, because it costs a bit more than the insurance money. What happens? He’s driving to work after school and a family from out of state not familiar with our traffic lights made an illegal left turn right into him. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt, but so much damage was done to the vehicle, once again totaled.
    I think I don’t like little cars, they total too easy.
    The statistics are out there on new drivers and the percentage of accidents they have, but you just always pray your kid isn’t in that statistical group. You want them to be in the never cause or be in a accident their whole life group.
    I don’t know since he moved away if he’s been in any other accidents though.
    I think some people have a big red x on their backs. My poor younger sister for instance, has been rear-ended at traffic lights or stop lights a total of six times. Two times she had her kids in the car with her when she was rear-ended. That’s scary. Thankfully only minor injuries in a couple of the accidents that by the way, none were determined to be her fault due to traffic/signal camera’s at the areas where she got hit.
    I hope your daughter has an accident forgiveness policy. I’ve heard some horror stories about how rates shot up after friends of ours, kids had caused a wreck.

  2. Pinkoddy
    October 20, 2011 at 4:45 am (7 years ago)

    Good luck with the car, but am sure all will be fine.
    Loved this post.

  3. Bridget
    October 19, 2011 at 1:51 pm (7 years ago)

    I haven’t even gotten the courage to let my kids ride home on the school bus. It’s hard sending them out into a world where you have no control over what happens.

    I’ll pray for you; you pray for me.

  4. Polish Mama on the Prairie
    October 19, 2011 at 1:29 pm (7 years ago)

    Oh, Mama! Prayers! I don’t want to think about that time coming for mine yet. They grow up much too fast.


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