It’s not everyday someone sends me something life-changing.

I remember a friend once said to me “doesn’t everyone keep brownie mix in their cabinets?”

Well I didn’t… but I do now.

Pillsbury sent me some of their new baking products – one of these was Mocha Brownies.

I said MOCHA



I shared them with a few people and they all seemed to say the same thing – “OH MY GOSH..”

In a good way.  Those exact words.

They were so moist and crumbly… probably because I cut them before they were cool.

ASIDE: People hate the word MOIST – did you know?  I hear it everyday.  They are obviously DRY BROWNIE PEOPLE (shakes finger).

I loved these mocha brownies so much I was moved to frame the box.

Not really BUT I if I found the right frame….


Pillsbury is hosting a People Celebrate More Photo Contest (go to for more info) through November 30, 2011.  You can submit a photo capturing an everyday family celebration and describe the moment in 200 words or less and how the family experience made them feel. Ten finalist photos and captions will be chosen and posted on for a nationwide online vote to help decide the winner beginning in January 2012.

The winner will also be invited to the ultimate hometown celebration for the Pillsbury Doughboy’s birthday this spring.  I SAID THE DOUGHBOY’S BIRTHDAY! How cool is that?

They sent me cookies too.  I’ll give them a try and post about them later.

Disclousre: Pillsbury gave me brownies – I gave them love.

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