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I decided to poll a few (6) friends and see what their opinions are about braces, their experiences with their kids and their thoughts on alternatives like Invisalign aligners.  Their answers were interesting!  Here are the questions and their answers…

Have you had Invisalign for either you or a child?

Yes for me: 0

Yes for child: 0

No: 0

Have you had braces yourself?  

Yes 6

No 0

Have you had a child in braces?

Yes 6

No 0

Did you consider Invisalign for yourself or your child when making the decision?

Yes 2

No 4

If you answered yes, why did you choose braces?

  • “My ortho told me Invisalign wouldn’t correct the bite”
  • “The doctor didn’t recommend them if we wanted their teeth and bite adjusted”

If you said no, why didn’t you consider it?

  • “My doctor didn’t provide it”
  • “I didn’t really think it was an option so I never asked!”
  • “I thought it was cosmetic only”
  • “Too expensive compared to braces and I insurance wouldn’t cover”

Did you know that Invisalign has a teen product?

Yes: 4

No: 2

For future children will you consider Invisalign?

Yes 4

No 0

N/A 2 (both have no other children)

That was it…!! I just wanted to get a feel for what my friends knew, knowing that I have had 2 kids in Invisalign.  It appears the word is getting out there but not enough know how well it works.  Maybe I’m not a good enough salesman.  Or I didn’t get to them early enough.

There was a lot of misinformation out there – know the facts…

  • Invisalign can treat bite issues, some quite complex
  • Invisalign treats real issues, not just cosmetic
  • Invisalign may be covered by your insurance
  • Invisalign can be comparable in price to metal braces

I think it’s the responsibility of the parent to look at all alternatives.  You or your child may not be a candidate, but it never hurts to ask.

Try the Invisalign teen site for answers and preferred providers in your area.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my daughter is receiving free Invisalign treatment so that we could share our honest experiences.

Sharing is caring!

1 Comment on Here’s what my friends had to say…

  1. Anne (@notasupermom)
    October 31, 2011 at 12:42 am (7 years ago)

    I was so pleased Invisalign can correct my underbite and significant crowding.

    I think the compliance indicators on Invisalign Teen is a real selling point. You can make sure your kid is wearing the trays enough because of two little dye dots on the trays. The dots fade only if the trays are in the mouth!

    I definitely want my two younger girls in Invisalign. I had metal braces on my boys, and it was an ordeal for me and for them with broken brackets and food restrictions.


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